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The NATUAL line of products is born out of an expertise that has been honed in our laboratory over 40 years. This experience makes our products adaptable to each rearing issue and gives them a strong innovative power. Indeed NATUAL’s Animal Specialities are characterized by their functional purpose: as such, they tend to provide accurate solution to issues met in rearing contexts, in complete accordance with existing nutritional strategies. Our specialities fulfill health, production or reproduction goals by using original ingredients. The composition is the result of our thorough knowledge of active original ingredients combined with our long-term field experience. These nutritional specialities are mainly applicable for dairy and suckling cows. Yet, their usefulness is also recognized in sheep, goat, poultry and swine farming.

Reproductive product range: individual distribution, scan control

reproduction product lineThe line of products dedicated to reproduction is designed to improve cows’ fertility and fecundity. Its strength lies in the wide array of product presentation choices, tailored to individual distribution and to specific periods of the reproductive cycle. These solutions are adapted to the monitoring procedures of reproduction and to the protocols of insemination technicians.
Our original method of breeding management is based on respect for natural processes and cycles. Our nutritional products are adapted to each phase of the sexual cycle thereby helping to reduce the use of exogenous hormones and antibiotics. To this end, our anticipative effect-based method is complemented by a scan control, which allows for a better monitoring of breeding organs.

Parasites: immunity, a shield against parasitic risk

parasitic product lineThis line of nutritional products is designed to support the mechanisms of animal’s defenses against parasites in their environment.
This approach is based on a sustainable protocol: the first step involves analyzing the farmer's practices and the context of livestock production (parasitological tests). The level of risks incurred can then be assessed. Depending on these results, we offer a complementary method that is suited to parasite pressure, to the parasite's cycle and farmer's practices.


Improving milk quality to ensure its optimal use

Our milk-focused product range is aimed at improving the technological, nutritional and health qualities of cows’ milk yield, as well as those of goats and sheep’s milk production. These products are designed to reduce animal's health risks while in production phase. These also help to limit the occurrence of udder infections and the use of medications.
The technical protocol we recommend consists of supporting the critical phases of the production cycle of animals: drying up, lactation start, sanitary challenges. The worst stages of this cycle relate to the management of subclinical disorders impacting milk quality, such as cellular levels and a lower production.


Respiratory product range: more oxygen to breathe, grow and produce

Animal density, environmental stress and allotment among other things, are factors that may weaken the animal’s respiratory axis. NATUAL's nutritional specialities support the animal’s organism before and during stress phases. For example, an animal may develop strong respiratory problems under stress conditions.
The synergy between the ingredients contained in our dedicated nutritional products - in particular plants such as thyme, pine and eucalyptus - contribute to sustain its defense mechanisms at the respiratory level. The expulsion of aggressive elements through muco cilial refining marks the first stage of the process.

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