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Space 2018 - What Nutral has to offer for cattle and poultry

NUTRAL will present its large array of offers as part of the 32nd edition of the SPACE livestock show. From efficient boluses to new product packaging, the aim of the solutions being unveiled this week is to provide solutions to support the natural defenses of animals through parasite premunity.

Innovative bolus = simplified management of parasite risk

NUTRAL will open up the 2018 SPACE edition by providing a lasting answer to a crucial issue for cattle farmers: how can one manage parasite risks in a cost and time–efficient way?

Simply by applying a method which combines the sequential distribution of two boluses: ZORABOL and PROTOBOL. Made with cranberries, garlic and oregano, ZORABOL is given between 45 and 60 days before calving. This early distribution aims to support the mother's defences and thus reduce parasitic excretions around the calving period. The, PROTOBOL, a 10 g bolus, is to distributed to calves to support their growth during critical periods: young age, weaning, changes of environment.

PROTOBOL also contains interesting plants such as cinnamon, oregano and thyme. Experiments designed to evaluate this programme showed a marked reduction in parasite risks on young calves as well as on the number of treatments and pesticides normally used in such cases.

Managing feed transitions and force feeding in poultry

On the poultry side, EPATRAL product has been enriched and can now be used in poultry farming. This product especially applies to birds subject to transitions and force feedings. During lay, EPATRAL distribution makes it possible to reach peak of lay within a shorter timeframe, in better conditions and without any impact on the hen’s metabolic balance.

On heavy chickens, distribution of EPATRAL during transition on to finisher feed, will support the animals until the end of the rearing period.

Observations in rearing context also focused on getting hens' appetite back and sustaining their growth when their liver is heavily used, such as periods of ADG peaks. EPATRAL is composed of selected plants such as turmeric and artichoke. This solution is available in liquid form to allow for a practical and accurate distribution throughout the rearing period.

Are you interested in these new products? Do not hesitate to stop by our booth Hall 1 C 23 at SPACE 2018 for more information.

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