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Supports the cow’s metabolic functions in early lactation


Supports liver and pancreatic functions of digestion and detoxification.




Ous specialities are

... Innovative and sustainable…

The specialities we conceive have both a practical and multi-faceted purpose. They are used to complement nutrition, according to demands that are likely to arise in breeding contexts. These products are initially designed to compensate for the degradation of animals’ physiological processes; their action is then validated on the field.

... Animal and planet-friendly

Composed of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and plants, our Animal Specialties are defined without any delay, residues nor toxicity. They thereby reinforce the functions of animals’ natural defense systems.
In a complex economical context, these particular products allow farmers to increase the profitability of farms while respecting animals and their environment.

Constant check-ups on the field

Our R & D department dedicated to Animal Specialties constantly seeks feedbacks from the field. The new issues encountered on farms by our technical sales network are immediately reported to us. Our R & D formulation and manufacturing designers, make every effort to find appropriate response to these new demands in compliance with current standards.

A dedicated technical support

Our field specialists do not just distribute our products: they possess a genuine expertise and bring a new and complementary take on the use of our specialties within farms. They are men and women who have a perfect knowledge of the breeder’s issues.