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Secures the calf's young age period when confronted to parasite pressure of protozoa type.

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ZORABOL is a bolus aimed for dairy and lactating cows before calving to secure the young age period of the calf against protozoan parasite pressures. ZORABOL complements the environmental health practices of calves and the vaccine management program for calf disorders (E. coli, virus). This 60-gram-bolus is suitable for cows preparing for calving. The disintegration duration of ZORABOL lasts for about 45 days.

It is advised to distribute ZORABOL at dry-off for dairy cows and between 30 and 45 days before calving for suckler cows. In the context of good parasitic risk management on herds, it is advised to supplement ZORABOL distribution for calves with OCCITRAL or PROTOBOL.

Direction For Use

ZORABOL bolus is to be distributed to cows 30 to 45 days before calving. In the context of a sustainable management of parasitic risks on the young calf, it is advised to carry out a feces analysis in order to determine the bacterial, viral and parasitic pressures at work.

This bolus must be applied using the appropriate bolus gun.

Association: ZORABOL can be associated with IMUNOBOL to support the immune defenses and the conception of colostrum while preparing for calving.

Major components
Trace-elements: copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, cobalt, selenium
Vitamins A
Plants: Oregano, garlic, thyme, cranberry
Mix of flavouring substances

ZORABOL is a variation of SPORIAL and OCCITRAL
16 bolus box