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The nutritional solution to support the finishing period for broilers

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Positioning: finishing period management

Stuffy atmosphere in poultry houses (dust, ammonia) often result in reduced animal performance at a key production step. VENTAL helps to expel bronchial secretions when the environment is degraded (humidity, high density, insufficient ventilation). It supports breathing comfort & enhancement, as well as acts as a mucosal drainer and breath exchange facilitator. It increases  growth performance in finishing phase when density is at its highest.

VENTAL contains trace elements, plants (thyme, eucalyptus, acerola cherry and common lungwort) as well as mix of flavoring substances . These ingredients support the natural processes of mucociliary purification to maintain a healthy respiratory system limiting the bad effect of density during finishing period.

VENTAL  complies with the specifications of organic farming.


1. Large-scale field trial conducted in France (2012)

Context: 1,5 M broilers, 68 flocks in 13 farms (22 birds/m²)

Results: FCR -0,03 / ADG + 3,5g/d on the period /+23g final weight /  Margin+ 6,2%

ROI: 1 € invested (4,5 €/1000 broiler) = 3,8 € gained (17 €/1000 broiler)

* Significant results at p < 0.05        
° Significant results at p < 0.1        

2. More recent trial conducted in an experimental poultry house in France (2018)

Context: 96 Ross strain broilers in 24 pens, within 12 replications. Tropical atmosphere simulation in the experimental poultry houses since the beginning: 30°C during the night and 35°C during the day.
Density= 4,75 birds/m² only (experimental cage system)

Period 21-35d = +4 g/d ADG and -0.12 FCR
Total : -0.04 final FCR / + 22g final weigh

ROI: 1 € invested = more than 2€ gained with no density effect

* Significant results at p < 0.05        
° Significant results at p < 0.1 

Customer benefit

  • -> More growth :

Increase your average daily weight gain
Enhance your average body weight

-> Less feed :
Improve your feed conversion ratio

-> Welfare :
Mucosal drainer and breath exchange facilitator
Return on investment is more than 1:4 for every field trial put in place with data collection.

Direction For Use

VENTAL is a liquid product that must be administered in the drinking water. 1ml per liter of drinking water for a half day during 5 days before slaughter when density is at its highest level (live weight per square meter).

Major components
Trace element
Plants: thyme, eucalyptus, acerola cherry, common lungwort
Mix of flavoring substances

Bottles of 1L, 5L and 25L cans


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