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The nutritional solution to support the poultry’s respiratory system


VENTAL is the nutritional solution that contributes to the respiratory comfort of poultry throughout the rearing cycle. It helps to support growth performance in finishing phase when density is at maximum. VENTAL participates in the evacuation of bronchial secretions and supports feed intake and performance even in cases of degraded environment (humidity, high density, insufficient ventilation).

VENTAL contains vitamin C, iodine and manganese as well as plants (thyme, eucalyptus and pulmonary). These ingredients support the natural processes of mucociliary purification for maintaining a respiratory system in good working condition. A well-functioning respiratory system helps to support the expression of animal performance.

RESPIRAL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming


VENTAL was tested experimentally on more than, 1.5 million broilers in finishing phase. The results obtained have shown the interest of this solution for improving growth performance in finishing period when environmental conditions are the most difficult.

This experiment showed 5% growth increase in average during finishing. This resulted in a reduction of 1.7% of the overall feed conversion ratio. From a sanitary view point, a lower mortality frequency was also observed.

Vental chicken respiratory finishing









Direction For Use

VENTAL is a liquid product that must be administered in drinking water. It must preferably be dispensed in times of climate changes, when temperatures are high and as a complement to any intervention on the respiratory tract.

Association: VENTAL complements the action of BACI 50, in cases of bacterial pressure on the respiratory tract.

Major components
Trace element iodine
Vitamin C
Plants: thyme, pulmonary, eucalyptus
Mix of flavoring substances

Bottle of 5 and 25 L

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