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Supports the animal in the event of heart difficulties and intense heat stress

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In farms, TONITRAL must be used on high-stressed animals who need to adapt their respiratory and circulatory systems. These situations are mainly observed during high temperature periods and heat waves.

During these difficult periods, animals will do whatever they can to keep their inner temperature at a stable level. These challenges often cause increased mortality rate due to cardiac attacks and declines growth performance.

In poultry farms, it is advised to use TONITRAL when heat wave have a brutal impact on the average inside temperature of the building. TONITRAL helps support the adaptation process resulting from stress.

TONITRAL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


TONITRAL’s efficiency was assessed within an experimental farm where animals were facing heat stress. TONITRAL was administered to half of the flock while the other half was not treated —and therefore used as a ‘control group’.

The experiment was run on standard chickens who were from 35 to 40 days old. These chickens were subject to daytime temperatures ranging from 33 to 37 ° C, with 100% humidity; evening temperatures hovered around 20 ° C. The trial period lasted for five days. TONITRAL turned out to help limit the impact of heat stress on these batches; the survival rate of chickens was improved by 10 points; that is 56% of the mortality rate.


Tonitral heat stress

Direction For Use

Poultry: The TONITRAL must administered in the morning in cases of severe heat and on the next day for a minimum of 8 hours; the administered quantity is 3 mL / L of drinking water. The TONITRAL can also be used when stress triggers a coping response in the animal at the cardiac level.
Pig: 20-50 ml per pig or per sow depending on live weight. TONITRAL must be administered in the morning, on the first day of stress and on the next day. TONITRAL must be dispensed once a day in the event of a long period of stress.

Ruminant Cattle: 100 ml / cow, on the two first days of stress; it must be administered once a day in the event of a long period of stress.

Major components
Trace elements Zinc
Plants Valerian, Marjolaine
Mix of flavoring substances

Liquid: 5 et 25L

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