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Sustains sows and ruminants' dry-off

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TARITRAL® assists the physiological changes related to weaning and return on heat. This products is used in different formats which vary according to the species: sows, cows, goats, dairy and milk ewes.

For all these species, TARITRAL® is used to sustain changes in metabolism during the dry period. This action ensures that the animal's productive capacities stay alert through the dry-off period: functional teats (sows) and udder integrity (ruminants). 

TARITRAL® is composed of sage, horsetail and nettle. The magnesium contained in TARITRAL® contributes to reducing weaning stress and sustains a prompt return to estrus

TARITRAL® is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


In the experiment, estrus occurs around 12 hours earlier on sows who received the TARITRAL® comparing to control sows. The earlier coming on heat was associated to a more obvious coming on heat and a better conception rate.

Taritral sow weaning estrus

Direction For Use
  • For sows:

TARITRAL® must be used after piglets’ separation from their mother. The day of weaning, we advice a single distribution of TARITRAL® mixed in 500g of feed after separation from piglets.

For a better dry-off process, it is advised to implement a few changes in the sow’s environment: box changes, shower and boar presentation...

Throughout maternity, TARITRAL® is administered in association with MIXTRAL®. It thereby contributes to substantially reducing sows’ summer infertility.

  • For ruminants:

TARITRAL® must be distributed after the last milking or suckling processes have occurred. The recommanded distribution is 250ml for cows and 50ml for goats and ewes. These amounts can be doubled in cases of high milk production or under particular circumstances.

In addition to this product, animals must be kept away from the miking parlor and from contacts with younger animals. if necessary, changes can be implemented at the upstream stage of the farm or feeding management system.

Major components
Minerals: magnesium
Plants: sage, horsetail
Mix of flavoring substances

Liquid: 5 and 25 liter

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