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Designed for the breathing system and for supporting animals’ performance


RESPIRAL is a nutritional mineral feed involved in the management of ruminantsbreathing comfort, including animals in a risky situation. It should be preferably used during climate changes, animals’ return to the stables allotment periods to limit animals’ stress and its effects on immunity and performance.

The essential components of RESPIRAL are vitamin C and magnesium which support animal immunity in cases of challenge and stress. RESPIRAL’s composition is completed by plants like horsetail, pulmonary and eucalyptus for supporting ruminants’ respiratory tract.

RESPIRAL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming

Direction For Use

RESPIRAL is suited for various modes of administration: regular administration in a preventive way, early intervention after the first manifestations of respiratory difficulties or after a veterinary intervention.

Major components
Minerals: magnesium
Vitamin C
Plants: horsetail, eucalyptus
  • 20kg bucket
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