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The first bolus designed to support calves’ breathing functions

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RESPIBOL is the essential nutritional solution for preventing respiratory issues for calves under 6 months. It can be used as soon as 10 days old on calves that were born in a difficult context (recurrent respiratory episodes, insufficient ventilation, high density of animals, transitions, allotments). RESPIBOL can also be used as a complement to vaccinations or for sustaining calves whose respiratory sphere has undergone a veterinary intervention. The goal is to limit any risk of relapse.

RESPIBOL includes trace elements such as copper, zinc, manganese and selenium. This bolus contains pulmonary plants and eucalyptus are that act in synergy with these ingredients to support calvesrespiratory system and the good functioning of their mucociliary cleansing.


RESPIBOL stands out because it is easy to use - especially on suckling calves - and because it shows very interesting results.

This bolus has been tested in particular on 3-month-old calves in fattening period. These calves were undergoing allotment stresses and diet transitions (straw + concentrate).

All these calves showed significant growth improvement during the adaptation phase (+ 150 g/d). Veterinary interventions (individual antibiotics and anti-inflammatories) were also significantly reduced after the transition phase.

Respibol growth calves respiratory

Direction For Use

It is recommended to use 2 RESPIBOL bolus. These must be administered every 40 days to cover the risky phases. RESPIBOL can also be dispensed as a complement to vaccination practices. It can support calves after their respiratory tract has undergone veterinary intervention. The goal is to limit risks of relapse. Administration of this product can only be made once and individually. This administration mode is particularly suited to suckling calves.

This bolus must be applied with a suited bolus applicator.

Major components
Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese
Plants: pine, pulmonary, eucalyptus
Mix of flavoring substances

RESPIBOL is a variation of PREMEL 35 BKP as a small bolus of approximately 10 g, suitable for young calves.

  • Box of 15 bolus
  • Box of 30 bolus
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