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Secures the young age period, weaning and growth  when confronted to parasitic risk of protozoa type

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PROTOBOL is a bolus for calves designed to secure young age, weaning and growth against protozoan parasitic risks. PROTOBOL supplements the environmental hygiene practices of calves and cows' preparations before calving (Sporial or Zorabol). The 10-gram-bolus shape makes it easy to use especially for suckling calves who do not consume feeds or to simplify the farm management of calves.




PROTOBOL has been evaluated in non-supplemented suckling Limousine cows in livestock building. The calves were raised in the same boxes from about 50 days of age. Growth performance were monitored for a 54-day period, and individual parasite excretions were measured on the calves at the start and at the end of the trial period.

Direction For Use

PROTOBOL bolus is to be given to calves before the parasitic risk period: young age, weaning, grazing and feed transition. It is to be distributed at the start of the parasitic management program. This bolus should be applied using an appropriate bolus gun.


PROTOBOL is a variation of OCCITRAL under the form of a 10g-bolus adapted for young calves.
30 bolus box


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