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The essential nutritional solution to limit breathing issues and support animal natural defenses during risky periods

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PREMEL 35 BKP is an essential nutritional solution for preventing respiratory troubles for cattle and contributing to respiratory comfort. Not only does it support respiratory defenses, but it also contributes to improving digestive balance, which is often disrupted in cases of challenges. PREMEL 35 BKP is particularly indicated in cases of allotments or animal transport/trade/transit. In this context, it is necessary to support this risky period by administering PREMEL 35 BKP.

The main compound of PREMEL 35 BKP is magnesium. Brought in several forms, it helps to reduce the effects of environmental changes. The proportion of clay and ferments contained in some samples of PREMEL 35 BKP ensures a good digestive transit. PREMEL 35 BKP contains vitamins (C, A, D3, E, K3 ...) as well as copper, zinc and manganese; these are essential nutrients at several physiological stages. Plants such as pine, pulmonary, eucalyptus and thyme synergize with these ingredients to support the natural defense processes and particularly that of mucociliary cleansing.

PREMEL 35 BKP is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


PREMEL 35 BKP’s efficiency was evaluated on 3-month-old calves in fattening period (straw + concentrate) in a period of transit and allotment. During this transition phase, there was a significant increase of growth performance. Over the same period, veterinary interventions on the breathing system (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory) of calves were significantly reduced.

Premel breathing issues calves

Direction For Use

PREMEL 35 BKP should be preferably used during climatic variations, animals’ return to the barns and grouping phases in order to limit animals’ stress and their effects on immunity and performance.

It is suited to various modes of administration: regular administration in basic status. It can also be used to support the first signs of disorders or after a veterinary intervention to help to release secretions and to limit the risk of relapse.

Major components
Minerals: magnesium
Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese
Vitamins A, D3, E, K3, C...
Plants: pine, pulmonary, eucalyptus, thyme
Mix of flavoring substances

PREMEL 35 BKP is available in different forms: they each correspond to the various situations surrounding animals and the constraints related to the administration of these products:

  • soluble powder, with or without iron to match calves’ needs,
  • powder on a magnesium carrier,
  • pellets.

5 kg, 15kg bucket
25 kg bag

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