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Nutritional solutions that can be used as part of somatic cell count reduction plans in cattle

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PARABOL’s interest lies in limiting cows’ high somatic cell count. It contributes to the risk management of subclinical mastitis appearance. PARABOL is designed to be used as a complement to veterinary practices and good hygiene practice in rearing units and milk rooms.

PARABOL consists of ingredients with antioxidant action, such as vitamin E and selenium. The synergy between the various components of PARABOL, particularly plants (Echinacea, ginseng and yucca) contributes to a good functioning of the udder.

The powder form of PARABOL, PARACEL, meets the same objectives as PARABOL.

PARABOL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


PARABOL was evaluated independently in partnership with the SODIAAL cooperative network. The results demonstrate a favorable effect of PARABOL to control cell counts in milk on cows that are prone to these issues.

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Direction For Use

PARABOL is preferably used on dairy cows with a cellular rates ranging from 300 000 to 1 million cells per ml. To participate to a long-term control of cellular rate, it is advised to administer 2 boli of PARABOL at 40 days intervals.

Association: for a complete cellular rates control plan, it is recommended to administer DETOXEL for 5 days prior to the PARABOL bolus administration.

Major components
Trace elements: selenium, zinc, manganese
Vitamin E
Plants: Echinacea, ginseng, yucca
Mix of flavoring substances
  • Packet of 8 bolus
  • Box of 16 bolus
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