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Integrated management of parasitic risks on young ruminants beyond 15 days of age

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OCCITRAL contributes to the establishment of a balance between the young animal and intestinal parasites of protozoan type. OCCITRAL contains vitamin A, which helps to preserve the digestive epithelium and copper, which supports the establishment of immune defenses (150 mg/kg). The synergy of these elements with cider vinegar, plants (cinnamon, oregano and thyme) has shown an interest to participate in the control of the digestive flora and parasitic risk in young ruminants.

OCCITRAL is available in a form that complies with specifications of organic farming.


The OCCITRAL has been tested on farmed Charolais calves born in winter. In this context, calves are undergoing high parasitic risk when returning to grass (mothers’ diet changes, changes in the environment). These variations cause digestive disorders and parasitic risk. The comparison was made with a control group without treatment.

The calves receiving OCCITRAL pellets in addition to the complementary feed showed an improved weight gain of 50 g / d. Furthermore, these calves had a reduced parasitic excretion of coccidia. During this test, calves of the control group had to receive antiparasitic treatment 3 weeks after the start of the test against coccidia.

Occitral parasitic pressure calves

Direction For Use

OCCITRAL is recommended for adult ruminants (cows, sheep, goat) before calving in order to minimize the hosting and risk of transmission to young animals. It can be used on young animals from birth or for monitoring risky phases: weaning, gathering as well as housing and diet changes.

OCCITRAL comes in various forms to suit all administration conditions.

As part of parasitic risk management, it is recommended to conduct a parasitological analysis to assess the parasitic risk in the farm.

Association: OCCITRAL program for the management of parasitic risk during ruminants’ young age may be accompanied by a building disinfection. This operation limits the contamination of the environment by coccidia oocysts and Cryptosporidium.

Major components
Trace elements: copper
Vitamin A
Cider vinegar
Plants: cinnamon, oregano, thyme
Mix of flavoring substances

Exists in bolus form (PROTOBOL) for an easier administration.

  • 5 and 25 liter bottles
  • Powder formula - 15kg and 25 kg
  • Soluble powder formula - 15kg and 25 kg
  • Powder formula on a clay carrier - 15kg and 25 kg
  • Pellets formula - 15kg and 25kg
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