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Integrated management of parasitic risk for cattle

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NUTRABOL accompanies the establishment and maintenance of immune protection (premunity) of cattle during pasture. It contributes to establishing of a balance between the host and the animal during the first pasture year.

The prolonged release of NUTRABOL contributes to a good balance of intestinal flora during the grazing period.

To contribute to digestive immunity, NUTRABOL has a micronutrient complex (zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt) and plants such as thyme, nettle, horsetail, fern, rosemary and garlic. The synergy between the compounds of NUTRABOL formula contributes to modifying the gastrointestinal environment, to support the establishment of immune protection and to enhance animals’ growth performance.


The effects of NUTRABOL have been demonstrated in farms. Growing heifers were followed along their first pasture season (6 months). Some heifer had a NUTRABOL at the beginning of grazing period, the other had the usual practices based on an antiparasitic chemical bolus. The test shows no significant difference on roundworm egg excretion and growth between both practices.
Nutrabol antiparasitic growing heifer

Direction For Use

NUTRABOL administration is recommended at the beginning of the grazing period. The release of NUTRABOL over several weeks therefore happens during the exposure period to digestive parasitic risk. DISTRABOL’s administration during pasture period or return to the barn is also possible.

Association: the action of NUTRABOL on gastrointestinal sphere can be completed by the DISTRAL on rumen flora, as part of an integrated parasitic management risk for adult ruminants

Major components
Trace elements: zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt
Plants: Tansy -Thyme - Garlic - Fenugrec
Mix of flavoring substances
  • NUTRABOL is the bolus version of NUTRASEM 630.
  • Box of 16 bolus
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