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Contributes to improve conception rate at insemination

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N'OVULITRAL is proven to improve conception rate at insemination on regular semen and in sexed semen. N'OVULITRAL is a nutritional solution that sustains the preparation to estrus and reproduction. This product takes the form of a single-dose syringe of 60 ml easy to use. The elements of this nutritional speciality are assimilated during ovum fertilization and embryo implantation.

N'OVULITRAL is a gel composed of vitamins: A, β-carotene, D3, E, K3 and B vitamins. It contains essential amino acids such as methionin, lysin and tryptophan. Psyllium, hop and red clover are the plants included in N'OVULITRAL.

N'OVULITRAL has an equivalent that complies with the specifications of organic farming and meets the same objectives which name is IATRAL.


A study was made to evaluate N’OVULITRAL conception rate improvement on a population of dairy heifers. Fertility rate is significantly higher on heifers from N’OVULITRAL group compared to control inseminated with the same sexed semen.

N'ovulitral conception rate insemination dairy heifers

Direction For Use

N'OVULITRAL is distributed in the hours around insemination. It corresponds to the physiological processes of fertilization and nidation. N'OVULITRAL must be administered within 4 hours around insemination.

Association: N'OVULITRAL can be associated to FERTIBOL for the heifers’ insemination in sexed semen. It significantly improves the conception rate of artificial insemination.

Major components
Vitamins A, D3, E
Amino acids
Plants: psyllium, hop and red clover
Mix of flavoring substances
  • Individual syringe of 60 ml
  • Box of 5 syringes
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