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MIXTRAL can be used on pigs, poultry and ruminants. In these species, the purgation and urine release process plays a vital role for sustaining the organism in cases of intoxication and dehydration. Periods such as reproduction (farrowing, insemination), feed changes and temperature variations (increase of water consumption) must be handled with care.

For sows in farms, it is advised to use MIXTRAL on a regular basis before parturition and right after leaving the maternity. The goal is then to contribute to the successful delivery of piglets at farrowing and to keep sow’s urogenital tract in good condition through the production cycle.

MIXTRAL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


MIXTRAL’s effect was evaluated on sow herds during farrowing and reproduction as part of a de-medication process of pig farming.

MIXTRAL’s short-term impact on gilts’ urinary pH was tested, as was its long-term impact on sows’ urinary condition. Each time, the goals of these experiments were to limit collective antibiotic use for urinary problems.

These experiments showed a significant decrease in sows’ urine pH after MIXTRAL was used. This effect was achieved without resorting to acidifiers. Therefore this program allows for a long-term management of sanitary risks relating to the urinary tract by achieving a 90% reduction of antibiotic use by resorting to selective antibiotic therapy.


Mixtral farrowing sow


Direction For Use
  • Sows: The recommended dose of MIXTRAL is 50 ml per sow a day for six days. MIXTRAL must be dispensed before the sow’s entry into the maternity in order to help to properly empty its bladder before farrowing. This action later helps to reduce human intervention at parturition as well as the number of stillborn piglets. It is advised that MIXTRAL be administered a second time before the sow leaves the maternity pen or when it is in the boar pen. In such cases, the goal is to contribute to preserve the sow’s urinary tract. When it is used during maternity, MIXTRAL can be associated with the TARITRAL at weaning in order to help reduce summer infertility in sows.
  • Poultry: MIXTRAL must be used at the beginning of the batch in order to help the rehydration process or during feed changes in order to maintain feed intake at a steady level. It can also be used to contribute to eliminate hydrophilic toxins resulting from antibiotics or poorly preserved food.
  • Ruminants: MIXTRAL must be used on dairy cows or on fattening cattle, if their feed is rich in protein. MIXTRAL can also be administered in a bolus form (MIXIBOL). The bolus is designed for an individual action on dairy cow in cases of bladder problems such as echogenic spots observed at scan.
Major components
Minerals : Magnesium
Vitamin E
Plants: blackcurrant, orthosiphon,meadowsweet, cranberry
Mix of flavoring substances

Bottle of 5 and 25 L

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