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Improves uterine involution during the postpartum period




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The METRABOL bolus helps the uterus to quickly return in a functional status after calving. It is suited to go with the uterine discharge during the post-calving days. METRABOL supports an efficient uterine involution after calving thereby contributing to an earlier coming on heat.

The synergy of METRABOL’s components, such as trace elements (zinc, manganese, copper and selenium), vitamin E with antioxidant action and plants (marigold, cloves and cinnamon) participates to the management of postpartum risks. METRABOL’s releases along 3 weeks. It contributes, in the context of fair reproduction management, to sustain the uterine involution phase.

METRABOL has an equivalent that complies with the specifications of organic farming and meets the same objectives which name is METRABOL AB.


Improvements with METRABOL were evaluated on a large scale experimentation in dairy farms. The quality of the uterine involution (Uterine horn diameter, echographic observation) was better on these primiparous cows 30 days after calving:

Metrabol involution uterine cow

Direction For Use

METRABOL must be distributed few hours after calving on primiparous cows or in cases of difficult calving. METRABOL can also be used in case of bad uterus involution observed by scan or by palpation during postpartum period.
Association: METRABOL can be distributed simultaneously with DELIBOL bolus just after calving, during the phase of expulsion of the placenta.

Major components
Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese, selenium
Plants: marigold, cloves, cinnamon
Mix of flavoring substances
  • Box of 6 bolus
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