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Supports ruminant prompt lactation dry-off


Milk outflow cow dry offLACTARI allows for the prompt interruption of milk production of dairy cows, suckler cows, sheep and goats during the dry period.

LACTARI supports physiological changes related to the milk production dry-off. By optimizing the udder’s rest period, it also contributes to the cell rate control.

LACTARI also helps to limit the risk of cowsmilk loss after dry-off.

LACTARI is available in a form that complies with specifications of organic farming.


LACTARI’s efficiency was repeatedly evaluated in trials so that its impact during the post dry-off days could be properly assessed. There was a significant reduction in milk outflow frequency for cows in the 3 days after dry-off and a more rapid udder involution within 10 days after dry-off.

Thanks to a more efficient dry-off, these tests also showed LACTARI’s efficiency for controlling cell rates throughout succeeding lactations.

Lactari dry-off ruminants lactation


Direction For Use

LACTARI must be used after the last milking period. The dosage is 250 ml for cows, 50 ml for goats and sheep. LACTARI’s administration is doubled in case of high milk production or in specific conditions.

It is important to limit external stimuli conducive to milk production (presence of young calves nearby, animal movements at milking hours, noise from the milking parlor) and to adjust dry cows’ diet depending on their needs.

Association: for optimum dry-off, LACTARI may be associated with VELTONIC in order to support the succeeding dry-off stages and to prepare the cow for parturition.

Major components
Plants : sage, horsetail, nettle
Mix of flavoring substances

Liquid: 5 L, 25 L

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