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IMUNOBOL is a 60g bolus for adult cattle in growing phase. IMUNOBOL consists of a 10g bolus for young ruminants and calves.

IMUNOBOL contributes to building up the immunity of young animals. Therefore it is also used to support the vaccination process. This product is designed to complement the critical periods of the rearing cycle such as the end of gestation, batchings, feed changes. It also can be used on sick animals.

IMUNOBOL supports the natural processes of animal immunity as follows:

  • the immune response: it consists of building up a specific immunity as a response to the vaccination process;
  • the inflammatory response: it consists of non-specific immunity including watching cells, to initiate the inflammatory reactions due to oxydative stress, for example.

IMUNOBOL is an original blend of the following ingredients:

  • a balanced combination of trace elements (Copper-Zinc – Manganese – Selenium) each of them being important for the human metabolism.
  • spirulina, a marine algae with interesting properties;
  • four plants have also been incorporated in this bolus in order to be released in the span of 21 days: echinacea, ginger, ginseng, Eleuthero .
Direction For Use

IMUNOBOL must be preferably used when animals are under considerable strain: at the end of gestation, during vaccinations, batching, feed changes, on sick animals or animals who are in the process of building up their immunity.

The bolus form makes it easy to administer. The dissolving process spans over 21 days.


Major components
Trace elements copper, zinc, managanese, selenium
Plant Echinacea, ginger, ginseng, Eleuthero
Mix of flavoring substances

IMUNOBOL has two different forms, each of them suited to different type of animals :a 60g bolus for 8-month-old bovines ;a 10g bolus for young ruminants and calves

60g bolus : box of 16 boluses
10g bolus : box of 15 boluses

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