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FERTIBOL bolus is releasing along the follicular maturation. It exhibits the cows’ estrus and sustains a regular natural ovarian cycle. FERTIBOL bolus has a release period of about 21 days, which corresponds to the length of ovarian cycle and follicular maturation.

FERTIBOL includes trace elements (zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, cobalt and selenium), β-carotene, as well as plants such as Yucca. The synergy between the FERTIBOL compounds contributes to a better estrus exhibition and to improve the fertility rate.

FERTIBOL has an equivalent that complies with the specifications of organic farming and meets the same objectives which name is FECONDITRAL.


FERTIBOL’s interest was evaluated on limousine cows, these results were obtained on heifers in breeding phase.

Fertibol estrus fertility improvement heifers

Direction For Use

FERTIBOL has to be distributed on cows and heifers with estrus cycle at reproduction.

Association: FERTIBOL can be administered in association with N'OVULITRAL for heifers inseminated with sexed semen. This nutritional program significantly improves the fertility rate.

Major components
Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium
Plant: yucca
Mix of flavoring substances
  • Box of 8
  • Box of 16 bolus