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Integrated management of parasitic risk for cattle, sheep and goats

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DISTRAL accompanies the establishment and maintenance of immune protection in ruminants and contributes to the balance between the host and the parasite in the rumen. The synergy between the elements of the DISTRAL formula containing vitamin A, copper and plants (thyme, garlic, oregano and oak tannins) helps managing the parasitic risk within the rumen. In addition, vitamin A and copper contribute to maintain the integrity of the digestive epithelium and immunity.

DISTRAL is available in a formulation that complies with specifications of organic farming.


DISTRAL was evaluated in suckler cows with an important presence of rumen fluke in the rumen. Before and during the test, the cows of the two groups had the same feed and the same grazing management. A significant reduction of this parasite excretion was observed on "DISTRAL" group compared to "control" group.

Distral parasitic beef farms

Direction For Use

DISTRAL’s administration is recommended one month after ruminants return to stable. This period corresponds to the manifestations of the parasitic risk in the rumen (rumen fluke adult phase). Depending on the parasitic risk in the farm, administration is modulated from 10 to 20 days. It is followed three weeks later by a second sequence of 10 days. DISTRAL’s administration is also possible during grazing.

As part of the integrated management approach, a parasitological analysis is useful to determine the parasitic risk of each farm.

Association: the action of DISTRAL on gastrointestinal sphere can be completed by NUTRASEM 630, as part of an integrated parasitic management risk of adult ruminants.

Major components
Trace elements: copper, zinc, manganese
Vitamin A
Plants: thyme, oregano, garlic...
Mix of flavoring substances
  • Powder 15 kg, 25kg
  • Pellets 15kg, 25kg
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