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Integrated management of cattle’s parasitic risk

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DISTRABOL accompanies the establishment and the maintenance of ruminantsimmune protection. It also contributes to the balance between the host and the parasite in the rumen. The synergy between the elements of DISTRABOL’s formula containing copper and plants (thyme, garlic, oregano and oak tannins) helps to manage parasitic risks within the rumen.


DISTRABOL was evaluated through large-scale experiment undertaken in dairy farms infested by rumen fluke. The comparison was made between cows with the same age and the same grazing management. A significant reduction of rumen fluke excretion was observed in "DISTRABOL" group when compared to the control group. Furthermore, we observed a higher relative milk production on the batch "DISTRABOL" in relation to the control/sample batch: an average of 0.72 L / day over 6 weeks.

Distrabol parasite reduction milk yield dairy cow

Direction For Use

Administration DISTRABOL is recommended at the beginning of the grazing period. The release of DISTRABOL over several weeks therefore happens during the exposure period to parasitic risk, within the rumen. DISTRABOL’s administration during pasture period or return to the barn is also possible.

Association: the action of DISTRABOL on rumen flora can be completed by the NUTRASEM 630 on gastrointestinal flora, as part of an integrated parasitic management risk for adult ruminants.

Major components
Trace elements: copper, iodine, cobalt
Plants: thyme, oregano, garlic...
Mix of flavoring substances

DISTRABOL is the bolus form of DISTRAL.

Box 8 and 16 bolus.

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