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Hepatic support during lactation period


DETOXEL contributes to the draining and detoxification process. DETOXEL is used more specifically on dairy ruminants that have prominent liver functions, in terms of ration ingestion and the production of milk components.

DETOXEL is available in a form that complies with the specifications of organic farming.


Direction For Use

It is recommended to use DETOXEL on the entire herd during feed transitions or as part of a somatic cell count reduction plan. DETOXEL is distributed on 6-day sequence. It is recommended to administer this product at least every six months.

Association: as part of cellular rates control plan, DETOXEL should be administered for 5 days. It should then be followed by two administrations of PARABOL boluses every 40 days.

Major components
Plants: artichoke, turmeric, meadowsweet, boldo
Mix of flavoring substances

Liquid: 5 and 25 L
Powder: 5 and 10 kg

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