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Supports poultry’s digestive tract in cases of bacterial risk

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The goal of BACI 50 is to limit the negative impacts of digestive stress in poultry flocks. BACI 50 contributes to a good balance of digestive tract and immune defenses.





In trial conditions, BACI 50 has demonstrated its efficiency in limiting the negative impact of digestive issues on mortality and animals’ performance (in accordance with demedication processes).

In the following example, BACI 50 was applied as some animals of the flock were subject to digestive issues. What were the findings of this experiment? A decline in deaths was first observed; it was then followed by a stabilization of the mortality rate.

turkey digestive tract bacterial contamination

Direction For Use

BACI 50 must be administered at the following dose: 3ml per 1 liter of water during 12 hour sequences. This administration must be renewed for 3 days. Baci 50 is adviced to assist feed changes and starting.

It is advised to use BACI 50 at the beginning of the breeding cycle, before feeding changes occur or in cases of declines in growth performance or increased mortality rates.

As part of a sustainable management of E coli risk in farms, BACI 50 can be used as a first-line resource in order to support the animal’s metabolism – at least during the time it takes to apply an antibiogram and to define a suited veterinary protocol.

Association: BACI 50 can be used in association with l'EPATRAL 89 in cases of digestive issues and with the VENTAL in cases of breathing problems.

Major components
Vitamin C
Mix of flavouring substances

5L can
25L can

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