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Integrated management of parasite risk for cattle


ACTIGREEN bolus is preferably administered at grazing period. During this period, ruminants forge their premunity by the contact to parasites. This period constitutes the main phase of exposure to digestive parasites such as round worms or flukes.

ACTIGREEN bolus includes a complex of micronutrient available throughout the disintegration during pasture period: zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt. The plants included in ACTIGREEN bolus (thyme, nettle, horsetail, fern, rosemary, garlic) synergize with other elements of the bolus in order to contribute to the rational management of cattle’s parasite risk.

Direction For Use

ACTIGREEN bolus is preferably administered during the pasture period. Its release time lasts for several weeks.

ACTIGREEN bolus can be used in complement to pasture management practices, especially on heifers and young cattle.

Major components
Trace elements: zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt
Plants: thyme, nettle, garlic...
Mix of flavoring substances

ACTIGREEN Bolus is the bolus version of ACTIGREEN.

Box of 12 bolus

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