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Supports the cow’s metabolic functions in early lactation


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ACETOBOL aims at supporting the dairy cow’s metabolic adjustment phase during early lactation by sustaining cows’ feed intake.

Through its composition – which includes niacin, cobalt and rosemary among other elements -- ACETOBOL supports cows’ digestive functions through early lactation. In addition to Mari thistle and boldo, all Acétobol components contribute to sustaining the liver’s elimination functions.

Experiments following ACETOBOL’s application on early lactating cows showed that cows were relaxed after being administered this bolus. In addition, their milk production rose more gradually and regularly.


ACETOBOL : a tested and validated solution

Experiments show that animals that have received Acetobol bolus have a higher milk production and                                                                                                             an improvement in reproduction

 +1,5 L of milk in average per cow, on the first 30 days of lactation.                                                                                         ✔ +9 points of cows ready for breeding.

daily milk production                                                                 % of animals


Direction For Use

ACETOBOL should be distributed on sensitive or high-yield cows 1 to 4 days before calving. The bolus has its component released throughout 30 day. It therefore allows the cow to be protected during the risky lactation phase through a much easier administration mode.  If necessary, ACETOBOL may be administered after calving has occurred, when cows’ level of ingestion is not high enough.

During dry off, ACETOBOL can be used along with EPATRAL if metabolic risks are high. Moreover, it may be necessary to supplement dairy cows’ ration through early lactation by supplying it with glucogenic elements such as propylene glycol in a liquid form (GLUCOLAC) or as pellet (BUTYPART).


Major components
Niacin Cobalt
Chardon marie plants, Boldo, Rosemary
Mix of flavoring substances

Box of 8 boli

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