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Respiratory comfort



Among all livestock animals, ruminants are the most subject to weather changes: they live as much inside as outside, where environmental conditions are difficult to master. In addition, current farming conditions expose livestock to various forms of stresses that deeply perturb their mechanisms of defense.

For a sustainable management of respiratory risks in ruminant livestock, various steps must be implemented at different levels:


  • before the emergence of respiratory risks: by limiting stress or reducing the consequences of stress; by managing animal density, by dividing animals into groups,  by ventilating buildings;
  • in cases of exposure: by supporting animals’ natural defenses, so that infectious elements and economic consequences are limited;
  • if animals are already affected by respiratory problems, it is possible to intervene to contain these issues. However it is important to know how to act so as to limit the risk of any possible relapse.

Nutrition plays a key role at each of these stages. Our nutritional solutions are adapted to the constraints of farmers. These have also been optimized to support animals’ growth performance.