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fertilization NutralSince the Neolithic, monitoring of reproduction has become the major pillar of agriculture. This method consists of multiplying organisms through the female lineage for feeding humans, instead of collecting these organisms within a wild population.

Currently, animals are selected based on the criterion of their strong genetic merit. Unfortunately, farming methods tend to neglect the importance of reproductive functions at the expense of a sustained animal metabolism. As a result, we have recently observed a decline in reproductive performance, which varies depending on the species considered.

To overcome these difficulties in a sustainable way, it is important to consider reproduction as a continuous cycle; some specific moments of this cycle require an increased support. In order to do this, leading organs ((hypophyse…) but also actor organs (ovaries, uterus ...) must be supported in a timely way and without any forceful action. We have developed expertise in nutritional support for the preparation phases to farrowing, which limits the traumatic effects of farrowing in mammals. We make it our priority to contribute to the earliest possible and the most regular return of the ovarian cycle according to the production efforts. Our nutritional specialties influence fertility, fecondity and prolificacy, which are the three essential components of reproduction.