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Parasitic sanitary risks management


 ParamphistomeRuminants are endowed with a very rich flora within their digestive system. This flora is essential to the expression of optimal animal performance. The specificity of ruminants lies in the presence of their rumen. This flora, which is rich in microorganisms, allows them to fully utilize the nutrients in their diets, especially forages. In natural environments, parasites and potential harmful bacteria are regular hosts of the gastrointestinal tract. Their proportion must be maintained at a low level so that they do not affect feed efficiency. In this respect, our approach consists of limiting the development of parasites, while maintaining the efficiency of animals’ digestive flora. Our specialties are designed to stimulate all the animal's defense mechanisms, whether specific or not.

Gastrointestinal strongyles, moats, paramphistomes, coccidia, cryptosporidium, high cellular levels, are all recurring problems in ruminant livestock. The TECHNA Group’s animal specialties are an integral part of the way these issues can be managed. These programs can be tailored to the beginning or the developpement of the parasite’s life cycle, in order to provide the animal an  appropriate support in this trying period.