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Parasitic sanitary risks management

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We must face up to reality: there is no clear cut separation between the health of livestock and their performance. These two aspects are closely correlated with each other. Whatever the species, animals cannot produce efficiently unless they are in a state of dynamic balance with the sanitary and the parasite pressures that surround them. This balance is even more fragile since animals’ metabolism and production are intense. It can easily break during risky periods or when animals are submitted to stressful periods. Animals’ physiological needs are the first stepping stone towards building immunity. Their organisms can forge their capacity to respond to viral or bacterial antigens whenever exposed to these antigens. Yet, prior to this, broad spectrum mechanisms of innate defenses are “the guardians of the temple”.

Our mission is to set up the sustainable methods and products that can allow you to manage these risks in very practical way. These methods can be directly applied in farms. These can be helpful to handle colibacillosis risks in poultry, to reduce protozoan carrying in cows or to limit the transmission of these parasites to their calves ... Let's discover them!