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An empirical approach marked by innovation

Offering solutions adapted to our customers’ needs and always upgrading the quality of our services are our key goals. The Techna group’s nutritional specialities have been founded on three principles:

  • Providing practical answers to farmers’ needs
  • Putting forward solutions that sustain the physiological processes governing animals’ lives
  • Demonstrating the efficiency of our methods through a genuine empirical and scientific approach which embodies the pillar of our scientific expertise.


The teachings of experience, the answers to farmers’ concerns

Our innovative approach constantly stems from farmers’ or our partners’ expectations. The resulting product is assessed within actual field trials; this allows us precisely to determine the expected outcomes of the product in terms of performance, health and economy. The technical support that comes with the nutritional specialties is ensured by technicians that are in constant contact with our headquarters.


Field action expertise

The support of physiological processes

Our philosophy places animals at the heart of the farm. Indeed, the recurring issues on farms are often correlated to a decrease of animals’ physiological processes. To reduce these risks, we have to allow the animal organisms to find a good balance among its different functions through detoxification, hormonal exchange and immunity modulation. The Techna group’s nutritional products are designed to bring the nutritive elements that sustain these various functions. The ingredients they contain aim at stimulating biological cycles (trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plants…).

This supportive approach of physiological processes must be implemented in order to anticipate and manage upcoming issues. For this reason, it includes a stage of risk assessment so the response can be adapted to each rearing context. In that way, we try to develop a sustainable rearing approach.

Products derived from field observation

The field validation marks the final stage of our evaluation process. To this end, in situ experimentations are designed to assess the formulation of our products and quantify their effectiveness within actual farms. Every year, more than 150 new farms join the circle of our experimentation networks. Therefore, thanks to these genuine trial conditions, we can clearly assess the results of our animal specialties in terms of health, performance and economy.

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