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Viv'Asia 2019 : solutions for poultry metabolism improvement

NATUAL will be participating at the next 2019 VIV ASIA exhibition (March 13-15) and present its solutions for poultry flock management with a view to antibiotic reduction.

VIV’ASIA 2019, the “professional” hub of Asia’s poultry meat market

NATUAL experts are proud to announce their presence at the upcoming 2019 VIV’ASIA exhibition. This event will be taking place 13th-15th March in Bangkok.

With around 1250 international exhibitors from around 60 countries and close to 50 000 visitors expected, VIV’ASIA 2019 provides professionals of the animal production sector with a unique opportunity to meet up and network in Bangkok, the hub of Asia’s flourishing meat market.

All across this continent, consumers are increasingly seeking more animal protein, with chicken leading the way. At the same time, antimicrobial resistance is a major food safety concern, especially in the field of animal production as it is a key-sector within the global value chain from farm to fork. Therefore to meet Asian consumers’ concerns regarding antibiotic resistance, safe and natural alternatives are required to support poultry performance, health and welfare.


Prevention is better than cure

Here lies the interest of NATUAL  products. With no withdrawal periods, no residual traces and no resistance, these particular solutions are used to manage the main physiological functions of poultry (turkeys, hens, broilers).

In this regard, NATUAL  puts forward special approaches for metabolism improvement to help birds deal with hepatic support (Epatral), respiratory issues (Vental), immunity enhancement and stress reduction (Imuneo).

NATUAL  experts have therefore several resources to assist each stage of your poultry production especially in a tricky transition period such as that of antibiotic reduction. Operating in nearly 25 countries worldwide, NATUAL  will co-exhibit with TECHNA NUTRITION VIETNAM, TECHNA’s affiliate on the Asian market.

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