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NATUAL®, the new brand for TECHNA’s animal specialties

In 2019, NUTRAL has naturally become the NATUAL® brand. From now on, it represents the TECHNA Group’s animal nutritional specialties in France and internationally. NATUAL® affirms the bold processes which have been implemented on farms by NUTRAL experts for almost 50 years.

NUTRAL presents NATUAL®: "More Natural in Animal Feed"

For nearly 50 years, NUTRAL* has been helping their farmer clients to improve their skills as part of the renewal of feed production methods. Their objective is to support the balance of the fundamental physiological functions of animals: assimilation, detoxification, growth, reproduction, milk production.... To accomplish this, our efforts are based on attaining a synergy between the nutritional ingredients (minerals, trace elements, vitamins...) and plants. This process relies on an original manufacturing craft incorporating successive dilution methods.
The company NUTRAL* hasn’t changed. It has been an integral part of TECHNA for more than 15 years. NUTRAL remains the same legal entity as before; it employs more than 60 technicians and specialists assisted by several hundred of partners who work every day on farms in France and internationally.
NATUAL® embodies the new brand representing Nutral and other companies from TECHNA Group. It also refers to other animal specialties whose efficiency has been widely acknowledged, such as METRABOL®, NUTRASEM®, TARITRAL®, EPATRAL®.

NATUAL® expresses the evolution of our trade: a more NATUral touch in the Animal feed industry

The vocation of NATUAL® teams is to support farmers in upgrading their practices towards a more sustainable production, limiting chemicals and medical inputs. This approach secures the health, well-being and performance of animals, and supports the economic output of farmers and therefore that of the livestock sector as a whole. Our solutions naturally stimulate the animal into mobilizing its own physiological resources and its immune defenses. Our motto? “Supporting Nature without forcing it".
Today, in France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Tunisia and Morocco, tomorrow in many other countries … Loudly and clearly, NATUAL® bears TECHNA’s signature: "More than nutrition".
From now on, “feed well” and “care for” are not only a commitment to performance of the entire sector, but also the sign of more natural, eco-responsible methods that are more respectful of animal welfare and supportive of consumer confidence. 

For more information -> Read TECHNA press release : "TECHNA is reorganising its brands to better address the challenges of today's agrofeed industry"
* : NUTRAL SAS is the main company manufacturing and distributing TECHNA animal nutritional specialties.

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