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Our Animal Specialities

Solutions and innovative nutritional concepts to support breeding processes

Through its animal specialties, the Techna group conceives and manufactures nutritional products that are specially designed for farmers use. These products are supplied to farms through our large network of technicians and distributors. Delivered without any withdrawal delay or residues, these particular products are composed of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and plant matter.Their main goal is to sustain the physiological processes of livestock, natural defenses representing the priority target, so as to preserve them from various sanitary and environmental risks. By providing lasting answers to persisting and recurring problems on farms, these complementary solutions contribute to reducing health care costs. In other words, we act as precursors of a sustainable rearing approach.

Adaptation and reactivity: our R&D and manufacturing assets!

Techna group believes in the feasibility to conciliate animal’s health, well-being and farm productivity. The R&D service is in charge of conceiving our Animal specialties and constantly seeks feedbacks from the field. The strength of our teams lies in our responsiveness and adaptability to any new requests or any new issue. When they arise in herds, these questions are immediately reported to our headquarters either by our field technicians or by our business partners. This leads our R&D, our formulation and our manufacturing units to work jointly on the development of quality products, in compliance with regulations and suited to your needs.

Nutral building

 Our experts’ constant check-ups on the field

The products that are crafted in our feed mills are distributed by our domestic network of technicians or via distributors, in France and abroad. What distinguishes the men and women of our distribution network is their thorough knowledge of the farmers’ work. They are field specialists, experts that have been specially selected for their responsiveness. These people possess original skills. They can provide regular follow ups of the herd and are always ready to give advice on how to use the specialities. The nutritional products are therefore complemented by technical support services, from simple breeding practice advices to optimal animal’s nutrition. These services are the other key to getting our technical message across to farmers.


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